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Our World Missions Strategy:

It is our desire to have a significant part in not only winning our own community to Jesus Christ but also our area, our nation, and the world.  We will lend our support to selected ministries working in all these areas.  We also will directly send our own members to minister where feasible.

We will make a priority of those areas that are least reached, people groups that have no established church, and ministries that are in greatest need because we wish to use our limited resources as efficiently as we can.  We will evaluate the strategic value of each ministry we support in the context of the worldwide needs.

Besides giving financial support we want to raise the interest and concern of our people regarding local and world evangelism.  We hope that many will learn about the work of our missionaries and pray for them.  We hope to have guest missionaries at church frequently.  We want to encourage our missionaries in any way we can and help fill any special needs they may have.  The best way that the vision for missions is raised is to go and spend time helping missionaries.

Missions will be a continuing emphasis at Lake Spokane Community Church because, “Go into all the world…”  Matthew 28:18 has never been rescinded.